Anyone know where I could find the trailer version of the song?


Hi, I've been looking for the soundtrack of this commercial for so long, and still couldn't find it

Does anyone have any information about it?

Does anybody know what music is playing late in the Corona "Another Corona gets its lime" commercial? There is snippet of a song in which a woman is
singing "In the afternoon" and we only hear a few notes of the song. It is also used in another commercial, I'm just not sure at this time which one.

Does anyone know the name of this song? I swear i heard it before but i can't find the name of it anywhere.

Trying to locate music cue that was used in CTV Promos early-mid 2000's during promos for made for TV movies (I remember it being used during sex/lies/murder type of films) and Canadian TV Series. Music was used quite often in TV Promos back then for mentioned above.

CTV tells me Canadian artist Gerry Mosby is the one who did it. I can't seem to find email to contact him about obtaining the music cue in question.

Anyone know how I can reach him? Only email i've found listed on his Facebook but have no idea if he still uses it or not.

Hi there

I hope someone can help me , i am looking for the following song . It is on a History Channel Promo for programs for the months of November - December . One of the programs featured on the promo is Super Heroes Decoded . The song is sung by a woman , here are a couple of lyrics that i could get ......

one by one we walk --- at the end of the day --- will not see me cry --- im just fine --- looking at angels demons standing at my door


Can anyone tell me who sings "Forever Young" in the truck commercial? I'm not sure if the truck is a Ford or a GM product. Is the song by this singer commercially available for purchase? Thank you.

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