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"Radioactive Hit" - Immediate Music
"Touch of Horror" - Immediate Music
“Voodoo In My Blood” - Massive Attack & Young Fathers (Erich Lee Remix) [Hi-Finesse Music]

During this documentary about steroids there is a segment where they show professional lifters at westside barbell. the song that plays during this segment is instrumental. I searched the ending credits and saw one song that may be it but could not be verified. Beer Festival March composed by john cacavas. I have searched all over the net and cannot find this song so iam not sure if it is the same song as the one that plays during the westside barbell segment in the documentary

Hi, I have only the sound of this clip... I wonder what is this about ?
Is that a trailer ? an ad' ? if you watch FX channel, it is on air these time, you can help me...

thank you !

This techno theme has appeared in two motortrend videos and I really want to find it.

Here at 4:43 -

and here at 3:48 -

Thanks for the help!


For the past several years, in Serbia, a promo montage of Discovery Channel shows has been rolling. In the background there is an instrumental rock track and this is the song I'd like to find. It features clips from 'You have been warned', a few of their gold mining shows, 'Dual Survival', etc. I've uploaded a sound recording of the commercial to vocaroo, since I could not find a video on YouTube nor do I have a DVR. I can change the hosting platform, I'd needed. The sound quality isn't perfect but I feel it's enough to possibly identify the track. Thanks in advance.

Recording here.

Can't seem to find movie trailer for 1997 film called Masterminds (starring Patrick Stewart) featuring "Ready To Go" - Republica playing during trailer.

I recall this. Here's evidence it did, as well:

"This film’s mostly notable for having the late-’90s song “Ready to Go” by Republica in the trailer, which was later used for a Nissan commercial"

All I can find is trailer without "Ready To Go":

Not sure why I can't seem to locate this.

Does anyone else recall seeing this trailer i'm referring too?

on last night's episode of the Bernie mac show on fox, there was a song playing during the dance contest at the family picnic. Does anybody know the song? It's got a funky 70's disco beat to it and i only caught a few words:

get up on the floor...when we go dancing

Anyone know the song starting at 1:30. I figure its a custom cue but wanted to check.

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