Fast forward to 40 seconds. Any ideas who sings this?

[ame=""]YouTube - Henry's Crime Movie Trailer Official (HD)[/ame]
Anybody knows what┤s the song playing 1:00 - END?
Thanks! ;)

Anyone know the song from the latest coca cola advert ....
[ame=""]YouTube - Big Red Truck TV spot for Coca-Cola Canada's Live Positively campaign[/ame]
Thanks for any help!


Does anyone know the song to this Scotts fertilizer commercial?

Saw it on TV and then found it on their website but no info on it on there :(


any one knows the classical piece running on this trailer? or is it an original piece?
[ame=""]YouTube- The Borgias Trailer[/ame]

Hello, I have been searching for the song being played in the background of episode 151 "The First 48: Coma / Disappeared" The song I am looking for is played at the ending of the episode. I have posted the link to the ending of the episode ---> (fast forward to 05:37 and you'll hear the piano song). If anyone knows the tune please reply back. Greatly appreciate it.

One of the commerciuals for the new CBS sitcom "Big Bang Theory" starts with a song that is basically just whistling, but it sounds really familiar. Anybody know what I'm talking about or have any info? Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know the song that plays at the end of every episode of the Secret Millionaire on ABC?


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