been seeing this commercial for a couple of weeks and the tune is so catchy!
it's also on their website:

anyone know what it is? i've sent an email to them asking, but haven't heard back yet.

Does anyone know the name of the song played at the beginning of the Supernatural season finale.

Someone know the piano song/violin song at 0:26?

[ame=""]YouTube - Wild Strawberries - trailer[/ame]

Does anyone know the song used in this new Victoria's Secret commercial?

[ame=""]YouTube - Gorgeous TV Commercial, Spring 2011 (Extended Cut)[/ame]

Thanks in advance!

just wondering..... does anyone know what the song is that's used in this Chips Ahoy commercial, or is it some sort of ready-made music just for the commercial?

[ame=""]YouTube - Chips Ahoy! Made with Heath Toffee - 2011 commercial[/ame]


Hello to all of you, I'm sure I'm using a (strange) link to a song, but I don't feel much for posting this little piece on many sites.

Is there someone who can tell me if the background-music is a classical piece or rather a modern piece of music (in the last case, I'm thinking about a soundtrack)

Kind regards and many thanks in advance!


There's a new commercial for Lenovo's latest Thinkpad and it has great music.. I've searched YouTube and the web for it but couldn't find it.. Hope someone else has seen it and and can tell me more.. I'll be checking on YT now and again in hopes someone downloads it..

Thanks all.. :)

The video features a guy going to a bar and and an animated (rotoscoped, perhaps?) woman singing a song. They never play credits with it and the singer is the only animated person, all the others are flesh and blood.

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