Hey everyone, tis been awhile but suddenly a song popped up and I'm here immediately for extra help on finding out who/what it is. I'm really wanting it!

Mayhem PS3/X360

I of course also asked right below the video itself on GT, so I'll be hoping for an update there as well. Thanks in advance!

Not to sell jingle writers short, but the music for the new Xfinity ad is so catchy I have to believe it is a 'repurposed' version of a real (ahem) song. If so, does anybody know what it might be? (of course, if it WAS written for the ad, thousand apologies to those responsible, and thanks for a great ear worm!) it's fun for you, it's fun for me..........

I know the first song in this trailer but what are the other two?

One song starts at 0:41, right after Tom Hanks crashes the scooter.

The other song starts at 1:23 and begins again at 1:44. The lyrics go like:

"Hey hey matter how {and then something I can't hear}...won't let another moment slip away...tryin'a hold on..."

Here's the trailer. Thanks!

[ame=""]YouTube - 'Larry Crowne' Trailer HD[/ame]


I'd greatly appreciate any help in identifying the artist/song name of this commercial. I've been looking for this song for ages yet no results.

Thanks in advance.

[ame=""]YouTube - Renault Koleos Commercial 2010 Part 1[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Renault Koleos Commercial 2010 Part 2[/ame]

If you mean the new xj Jaguar Commercial, it's Howl By Florence And the Machine :)

Does anyone know the song that's on the ''2011 Hyundai sonata'' commercial? The one with the red Hyundai sonata driving in a city at night time. If you seen a video of the commercial can you give me the link. Thanks

I am trying to make a trailer for a movie, because I am in a video making class for school. I wanted a song from a certain trailer, but I can't remember either. The trailer starts calm, and has a guitar strumming, alternating between 2 chords at about 120 bpm, then a guy starts singing lightly. then the music stops or something, and the trailer becomes serious. Thats about all the info I can give, please help,

A couple of current E Trade commercials featuring a good looking older woman jogging and an older guy on the street, both black and white, I think, feature a heavy drum beat and guitar. The theme is doing your own investing, etc.

This could just be a track laid down with drum machine or something but it could be someone's song. Any ideas?

TIA, Allgonquin

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