There is another chase bank commercial with a desk on a golf driving range/ a desk on a fashion runway with a song in the background and a female vocalist.
Can someone tell me what the song is and who recorded it?
it comes up at the end of the 'speel' and she sings "ITS ALRIGHT NOW..... OH-OH OH .............HHH .... YEAH ...... OH YEAH

Does anyone know what the song is from the end of episode 1 of weeds? the bit where Mary Louise Parker goes to her drug dealers house and starts crying.
i cant get it out of my head!

ok i think its a car commercial, at least im pretty sure it is. I need to kno the name of the song if anyone can please help me its driving me crazy. In the commercial the song is playing and they explain how the sound system of the car was made by some big music producer person and they say how the song would sound if they just isolated the drums, then how it would sounds with just the guitar isolated, and they move from one instrument to the next like that, then explain how it would sound all put together with every instrument enhanced. if n e one knows this song please let me kno or find the commercial for me at least. thanks:)

Anyone knows what music is featured here?
[ame=""]TOYOTA MARK2(X100) - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=""]TOYOTA MARK2(X100) - YouTube[/ame]

Also these from the same vehicle model/series
[ame=""]1985 TOYOTA MARK II CRESTA CHASER(GX71) - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=""]1987 TOYOTA CRESTA Ad - YouTube[/ame]

Can someone please help me?

Anyone have a clue as to the tune behind this new commercial in the "Chevy Runs Deep" series? I went to the Chevy website, it's not there yet. It's a like a 50's rock and roll with lots of reverb! Any help is appreciated! Included in the ad are the various generations of Camaros.

Hi! I forgot who the couple was they were showing, but I know he was a skater and had an organic foods company. The song I'm surious about is when they go to the bedroom to show the Kama Sutra bed, they've actually played that song a couple of times in cribs, I can't remember who it was though. Any help will be greatly appreciated ;)

Hey there folks, two music questions about this clip, any one knows the name of the song in 2:35 where the bomb goes off? sounds like Shins or something,
also the music peace kicking in on 1:43 where Los Alamos kicks in?
really need this

2012 kia sorrento song is i think the OLD 97S, GRAND THEATRE. IT IS FROM THERE NEW ALBUM. I CAN'T BE POSITIVE BUT I LISTENED TO THE CD ALL THE TIME AND I THINK THAT IS IS IT. GO TO to ask the band themselves.:)

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