The song features a female singer and has a rather "old school" flavor to it.

Anyone know the song? The commercial starts off with a girl and a heart shaped spiral lollipop .. it has kind of a synth beat to it.

Does anyone know the name of the song in the July 2011 commercial promo for AMC's "we love the movies you love"?

During the week of 1/13/04 - 1/16/04, one of the early show sketches on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brian was called Pleasing the Affiliates. One of the bits was about the Iowa affiliate and featured to guys in a car driving through Iowa, and there's a song playing in the background. I think its by REO Speedwagon, but I can't figure out the title. I believe this song was also used in Comedy Central Presents the Sklar brothers, where they air guitared to this song. Any Ideas?

I am looking for the song that plays from the mid point to the end. I tried doing a lyric search with no luck. Thanks team!

Hi everyone, someone knows the song ending the trailer?

[ame=""]YouTube - GOEMON Trailer (HD)[/ame]

While visiting Hong Kong, I heard a song played on HBO promo commercial. It has a British band sound and the word "closer" keeps coming up. It sounded like Travis (Closer) but that was not it.

Please help.

can anyone can tell me this song is commercial ? i think, i heard this song on CNN.
Anyone knows the name of this song?:)

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