I heard a catchy song from a USA Network commercial, although I cant remember much about the commercial. What I do remember, is that it was talking about someone, and the commercial concluded saying that she took in kittens as a part of her hobbies or something. The end of the commercial had the USA logo in white; that's all I remember. Anyone know what song and/or commercial this is?

Just heard a commercial on FSN sports channel during the Brewers game. First time I've seen this commercial. But the music is fantastic. A dance tune, I'd say. Keep an eye out for it and if anybody can name that tune...I'd appreciate it. If I can supply any more info in the future, I will.

Does anyone know the song in the angels and demons trailer? I kow it sounds almost like Hans Zimmer - The DaVinci Code - Chevaliers de Sangreal (end theme)

there is an ad being shown on Asian TV right now for Samsung TVs. The ad involves people placing flatscreen TVs over a train's windows, and then the journey that it takes.

Does anyone know what the music is? The only lyric I can catch is "travelling more..."


[ame=""]YouTube - 2011 CC Nice Try: Volkswagen Commercial[/ame]

I keep hearing it's "I'm a Criminal" by Paul Reddick. While similar, it is not the same song.

Much appreciated.

so anybody know the name of the song that plays in the Chapman ice-cream commercial when they're graduating...

Hey; does anyone know the name of the song/artist/music production company that created the song used in this Busch Gardens commercial?

The main lyrics that can be heard are: "today's the day".

By the way adtunes user farbeyond is my bro (hence the same youtube account) and he don't know. (you like my rhyme?)

[ame=""]YouTube- Unknown - Busch Gardens (Today's The Day) Commercial Song.MOV[/ame]

Anyone know the name of this commercial's song?

[ame=""]YouTube - Qwest is Becoming CenturyLink Announcement :60[/ame]

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