The History Channel's version of Top Gear has a new add that has a car chase theme and music that I instantly identified as a 1970's cop show theme song.

For those of you that are interested it is the theme from the 1970s TV Series S.W.A.T.

Here is the show intro:
S.W.A.T. - YouTube

Info about the song:

anyone know the song?

Yes, i've tried, possibly quite poorly, at looking up the lyrics. No cigar.


[ame=""]Trailer de Lo contrario al amor - YouTube[/ame]
Anybody knows what is the song in this trailer??
From 0:10 to 0:24

Thanks! :)

OK, there has been this ad on TV in the last few months (I think I saw it a few times in July/August), in which a silver car is driving on darkened roads. The colours are all black, white and shades of dark blue. Whenever there is a camera shot while the man is driving the car, there is this music playing sounding like a young boy or girl singing in a high voice. There is no heavy beat or anyhing like that, the music is very quiet and peaceful. As soon as the man gets out of the car, a load of people appear, the music stops and you can hear the noise of the crowd. The man gets back in the car, shuts the door and drives away and the music starts again. Anyone know what that music is? I think it's an ad for a Lexus but I can't remember and haven't seen the ad lately. Help much appreciated.

I don't see this anywhere else, so I hope it's ok to start a new thread.

There is a new promo being played on The History Channel that features shows that are on this summer. It continues their new tradition of using the Buddy Holly song Everyday. The last one they did was set in a factory and the song was covered by Mike Del Rio. I don't think this new cover is done by him, but I'm not sure.

The commercial shows History Channel shows like Pawn Stars, American Restoration, American Pickers, etc.

Has anyone seen this and does anyone know who covers Everyday on this promo? Thanks very much in advance if anyone here knows.

Surprised no one's made a thread for this yet. What's the rock music that plays at the end of the latest trailer?
[ame=""]YouTube - Cowboys & Aliens - Trailer 2[/ame]

So on 6/23, America's Got Talent had this great a capella threesome at the very end of the show.
They had this inspiring story of when their mother was in a car accident and in the hospital, they began to sing to her and others. I know that they sang "God Bless America" but when they brought out the mother in the wheelchair, a back song began. It was a great song...acoustic like with a woman singing finally. Anyone know this song?

Hey folks,

Looking for the music used in two ads for the latest Harry Potter game to coincide with the movie release.

Here's the first one:

[ame=""]YouTube - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Video Game Launch trailer[/ame]

The second one can be found on another site; it is the SECOND video in the top post, 0:35 in duration with a piano piece for music. Link is here.

Any help appreciated.

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