Does anyone know the song that is used in the commercials/promos for
the season premiere of SVU? I saw the commerical online at
but maybe some have actually seen it on TV. IF someone knows what it is, please let me know.

Can anybody identify the piano music in the back ground during the TV commercial? Not sure if it is taken from an existing song or produced just for the ad... Thank you!

Watched the trailer just a bit ago and there is a song that a woman is singing, starts off with Come on down with me......... anyone have a clue? Thank you

There is a new trailer with this song in the background that is driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated.

Does anybody know the name of the song and the artist that is used as the outro to season one, episode two of 'Flack'?
There is a sample of the song here -

Who did the trailer music for the teaser trailer? I know it's a cover mash-up of "Arabian Nights" and "Friend Like Me" but what company composed this piece?

P.S. How come no one posts replies on here anymore? This place is almost a ghost town!

Yea, this kinda lame TV ad was from a while ago but I'm still curious about what the artist/song is at the end....

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