What is the song in the trailer where the singer says higher baby and sounds like a jazz influenced rock song ive heard it before but i cant remember it.

Looking for this song.... I've google lyrics but I'm not coming up with anything.

Kiss me with your eyes
I can see your smile tonight
No one really knows

So, I know this is a bit different, but anyway I need to find movie trailers that this song is in: Nocturne in F Minor by Frederic Chopin. Any answers would be helpful. Thanks! :)

Whats the music the DMX lyrics are edited 2 ?

If I find the commercial, I will find the song.
From around 2010 or earlier.

The commercial is swift , happy and bubbly, with a black woman with short hair singing/lipsyncing: “Come on girls, get up, if you want some c-c-colour...” and “Woohoohooo, tweet tweet twist me out...”
It is a car commercial where you can choose the colour of the roof of the car. It is a glamourous, fashion-show style ad where everything is covered in white paint. There is a girl on the end of it in a gold sequince dress and she has red hair.

I’ve searched everywhere for the song and commercial.
Does anyone know which commercial it could be?

Was hoping someone knew what song was used in this trailer for Maniac?

Hey everyone!!

I am looking for a song.......It was on the Lifetime movie called "Custody" and it was during a montage of John and Amanda hanging out together, but all I got was "I am going to find the simple pleasure in life"
and I think it was a women singing...she held out the "find" part
thanks in advance!

Can anyone tell me the name of the artist and the title of this song used in a 2002 Toyota Corolla tv commercial?...


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