Anyone know the Trailer#2 music?

Anyone know the music in this promo? (Season 3 Episode 9 Promo)

Looking for this song.... I've google lyrics but I'm not coming up with anything.

Kiss me with your eyes
I can see your smile tonight
No one really knows

Iĺm looking for the name of the start commercial ôobsessedö. Does anyone know what it is?

anyone remember what the lyrics to the Mission Pack (Pac?) commercial were? this commercial was always on around the holidays in the early 60s. i can't seem to remember them and it's driving me crazy...your help would be appreciated!


I was just wondering what the song was featured on the New tv spots for Peter Pan. It almost sound like the maddona the "Die another day" theme from the james bond movie.. Thankz.

There's a song featured in the movie "Where the Heart Is" with Natalie
Portman, in the scene of the wedding of the character of Ashley Judd. the
the song does not appear in the credits.

Does anyone know the title of this song? The words of the song are:

"Can't you see my head is reeling
There's so many things I'm feeling
Don't know what I'm thinking of, I'm so in love
Pardon me if I seem distant "

And that is all that is sung. Does anyone know the title of this song?

for reference appears in the minute 1:25:20

Thank you!!!

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