at the end, it's a female voice... the lyrics go something like "i'm so afraid to love you..." who's the artist? and what's the song title? i loved it!

I'm currently working on a trailer for a school project. I need some help finding background music for it. At the end of my trailer, I have clips that are .2 seconds long, and there is about 15-20 of them. I want some music that has a beat that goes for .2 seconds so that it matches the clips and looks and sounds amazing. For example, clip 1, BOOM, clip 2, BOOM, clip 3, BOOM, etc... I want the music to work perfecly with the clips. Any suggestions for songs?

Does anybody know what music is playing late in the Corona "Another Corona gets its lime" commercial? There is snippet of a song in which a woman is
singing "In the afternoon" and we only hear a few notes of the song. It is also used in another commercial, I'm just not sure at this time which one.

Anyone know the song that plays over this promo?

Anyone knows the music used in the trailer

Anyone here know the artist/song used in this tv ad??? Song has a techno feel to it.

Thanx in Advance......

I am dying to know the name of the music in this video. Any information would be appreciated.


Android E1

Can anyone tell me the name of the music in this video?


Android ED1

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