the Hulu commercial music for Vikings series anyone know what it is. The only vocal I hear is the word "Sail"

Does anyone have the notes, sheet music or midi file form the "Tis the Seaon...." volcals of this advert, please?

I would like to know the title of the song and the vocalist. Partial lyrics.....goin where the cold wind blows...….and...boy, don't lie to me'

It played early Thursday morning (10/18/18) on Turner Classic Movies channel.

Not really much I can say about this one but the song is great. It is from the Frangelico Liqour commercial. It sounds mostly instrumental with a female doing just a little singing/humming. Any help would be great. Thanks.

The song is featured in a history commercial for a show named Navy Seals: Untold Stories. Sounds like Blues Saraceno might have made it but I'm not sure. part of the lyrics goes like ''five four three two one...''. I really would appreciate help finding it.

Anybody know the track at 0:34?

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