Does anyone know the techno song on the current Armani Black Code commercial? It doesn't have any words and only seems to play for 5 seconds so I can't offer any more info...

Season 2 Promos

2x2: (Mild Mannered)
"The Clash" - Liquid Cinema


2x3: (Beyond Our Control)
"Let The Battle Commence" - West One Music
"Dark Tower" - Extreme Music

2x4: (Age Before Beauty)
"Hit The Ground" - Liquid Cinema
"Chariots Of Blood" (No Choir) - Extreme Music

2x5: (13.1)
"The Unknown Army" - West One Music

2x6: (Around the Bend)
"Out Of Time (No Choir) - Liquid Cinema

2x7: (For The Team)
"Rising (No Choir) - Liquid Cinema

2x8: (Merge With Caution)
"Queen's Ransom (B) - APM Music

2x9: (Vendetta)
"The Righteous" - APM Music

Anyone know the song in these TV spots? I'm pretty sure it's the same one in both, but if not the same, then the one in the 30 second TV spot is what I'm looking for.

0:48 - 0:58 ^

Does anyone know what song this is?

All I know are the lyrics "This is the end", but when I google them, I get The Doors - The End (obviously not the right song).

What is the title of this song?

Anyone know the music in this TV spot?

I know the name of the song is 'Pennies from Heaven' does anyone know who sings this version?

Music starts around :23

From 0:50 to 2:09 an awesome track plays and for the life of me, I can't find what the name of it is. Does anyone know?

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