Would anyone know who did this background piece? Sounds similar to Rob Simonsen's work for Apple, but can't seem to find anything on his site that mentions Tylenol.


i want the trailer song to this how i live now can anyone help me please thanks

i am trying to get the latest chroomebook tv advert 2013 as i really love it

hi what is the song in this tv advert please i really like it

hi what is the song to this tv advert 2013 please

hi what is the song to this tv advert i really like it thanks

Was wondering if anyone knows what the musical piece is in this commercial:

It's a video ad for some type of 2-day sale they're having this weekend. I've only seen this ad while watching content on Hulu plus. The song that plays during this ad is some electronic/dance track with no lyrics. I'd really like to know what it is.

Thanks. :)

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