I watched Rise: Blood Hunter the other day on SciFi, and I really liked the song that played during the scene where Tricia (I believe that's who it was) walks down into the basement to find her friend being mutilated by the vampires. From what I can remember, it was a bit scratchy and metallic with a distinguishable beat, almost like something you would find on a Nine Inch Nails album. It also had some lyrics, but they were too hard to make out from the music.

Sorry if my description's a bit vague, but I'll add more if I remember anything. Thanks!

Tv spot "lost"

Music used is => The Thin Red Line - Journey to the line

Tv spot "There Is No Justice"

music not found but if someone can help!!! the track is so good!

Tv spot (33 sec)

music used is => eventide by brand x music

Does anyone know what the music for the LG G2 smartphone is?

I know this track but i just can't put my finger on it, can anyone help me with this? it drives me crazy.

Anyone know what the first song is in this trailer?

Does anyone know the music used in this trailer? I recognize it but can't place it.

EDIT: Made a mistake in thread title, it's supposed to be Battlefield 4. Could a mod please change it?

Who knows the track ?

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