does anyone know first music (0:07 - 0:39)?


Had to Shazam this one when it came on, and surprisingly, it actually gave me a song ID rather than the Captain Obvious answer of "this is a T-Mobile commercial".

"Heavy Mood" by Tilly and the Wall. (Amazon, iTunes)

(Incidentally, this band is from Nebraska. I was not expecting that-- I was expecting them to be British or something.)

This amazing trailer. Anyone have the music?

Hi everyone!

I've been looking and searching for almost 6 years for the song used in the background of this particular trailer.

All the other forums say that the music is from Rudy, and lists a bunch of other films.

I bought the Rudy soundtrack, but didn't hear it on there.

Does ANYONE know what movie this background song comes from?!

I'll be eternally grateful!

here is the first official trailer, anyone know the ending song, I know most of it is sound design, don't care for that, but the ending song is not bad.

anyone know who sings this:

It really got my attention..


Can someone tell me the name oif the song used in this trailer the song starts at 1:28 to 1:58

Hello I have been looking for the music soundtrack to the movie "Big girls don't cry they get even for YEARS. The song I am after is "So Strong" by Todd Smallwood. Does ANYBODY know how to locate this song or singer. I have tried all I can thank of THANKS

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