Anybody know the name and artist of this song?


Hi there. Does anyone know the music used in this trailer from the beginning until the 0:24 mark? Trailer below.

Longer Expedia website version of their TV ad. Much more interesting music.

Would love to find out anything about this music, espesically if it is available for download.. Thanks much..

Someone knows the song's name?

Does anyone recognize the music from this commercial ?

It sounds like the singer Amerie but i don't know the song.

This Commercial showcases a red 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit being driven by an African American male through the French Quarter to a restaurant named Dominique's. In the background there is a jazz song that has lots of horns and drums that sound absolutely amazing!!! I have to know the name of the song. I have searched every term that I could think of to find the name with no luck :mad:


I watched The Jacket yesterday and in the movie there's a song playing. It sounds
very familiar like I've heard it on a commercial or some other t.v. show. There is
no singing and it's played when Keira is picking up Adrien in her VW car. This is when he travels back in time to see her changed life. Does anyone know if the music they're playing is an actual song?

Please help. I know I've heard it somewhere before.


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