What is the name of the track that starts ~ 1:08?


There is an ad running on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. The commercial shows clips from Murder, She Wrote. The Song has a couple of lyrics that I can catch. They are... "I go everywhere you go," and "I do everything I see you do."

It's not by Michael W. Smith.

I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

How (and where) could I find a list of the TV commercial that used "my Generation" by The Who?

does anyone know who did the music for the trailer to the nutcracker and the four realms? i know it is a variation of tchaikovsky's the nutcracker.

Does anyone recognize the music during the Subway Tiny Wraps are for Tiny Things commercials that have been playing during the NCAA Basketball tournaments?
I would like to enjoy the full guitar solo

What is the music at the end ?

at the end, it's a female voice... the lyrics go something like "i'm so afraid to love you..." who's the artist? and what's the song title? i loved it!

I'm currently working on a trailer for a school project. I need some help finding background music for it. At the end of my trailer, I have clips that are .2 seconds long, and there is about 15-20 of them. I want some music that has a beat that goes for .2 seconds so that it matches the clips and looks and sounds amazing. For example, clip 1, BOOM, clip 2, BOOM, clip 3, BOOM, etc... I want the music to work perfecly with the clips. Any suggestions for songs?

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