Hmm i love this song in Ad but idk anything about it lol;-( ...hope someone help me

Hi All!
I've been seeing a lot of History Channel's commercial with excerpts from Walt Whitman's "Song Of the Open Road." There are clips from Vikings, Swamp People, Top Gear, Ice Road Truckers and lots of other shows. I've hunted high and low to find the music that's in the background, but I'm coming up empty. Any help is appreciated!

Hey everyone!

New here and Swedish, so I thought of presenting myself and pretty darn good TV commercial - with a song that will take any bad feelings away from you :)

Volvo have really picked up the game in marketing now of their new commercials. They had another commercial for the release of the XC60 with Swedish House Mafia. Really good too.

Does anyone know the Artist/Title of the song in the new 2010 Camry and Corolla commercial? It starts of with either a keyboard or synthesizer (kind of like Postal Service's song "Such Great Heights"), then the drums kick in, finally an overdriven bass guitar.

I know it's not much to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated, it's driving me insane.

There are 1 or 2 songs in the movie that are not on the listed soundtrack at IMDB.

1. The song playing when Wayne and JD are kidnapping Judith
2. The song playing when Judith escapes (possibly the same song?)

There's not much else I can say to describe the songs.

What ist the Name of the Song at the End?

Well, that was fast.

Mirel Wagner "Red"

I should really learn to read the description.

Would anyone know where the music (piano around 1:00 min mark) is from?


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