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Hi. Does anyone know the second track which starts in this japanese version of the trailer at: 0:45? :)


What are some commercials that use Frank Sinatra's recording of "World on a String"? There used to be one that looked up a higher floor of an office building with a man in profile. I remember the logo was a red, hollow square. It had to be an insurance company or something because it was referencing how great life could be with them or something. Also featured is a red balloon.


Audiomachine - Blood and Stone Remix

Anyone know who sings the cover version of More, More, More (originally by Andrea True Connection) in the recent Target commercial? It just aired on Fox, and it was sort of a dance version. If anyone could post a link to a video of the commercial, please do so, because I can't seem to find the commercial anywhere online.

anyone know what that song is called, in the Busch Gardens commercial, where it shows rollercoasters and a map of the US showing Williamsburgh, Viriginia. then it goes to show a place down in Florida. It sounds like a trance song, and theres a female voice singing.

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me what track(s) are featured in this Australian promo for ABC's Revenge and I am not asking about Coldplay.

Does anyone know which song is playing in the new Lidl commercial with Heidi Klum? Here's the URL

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