The Doors "5 to 1"

Can anybody identify the second song in the trailer, about halfway through?

The commercial is known as Rock a Baby. There are two versions, the other version with beatboxing. I linked the version with the music I'm trying to find.


Exxon Mobil currently is playing an ad with a fantasy "Van Kluck Egg Company" and boiling eggs as a backdrop. The theme of the ad is "Energy Lives Here". The background music sounds similar to some pieces of classical work like Nutcracker or Swan Lake. Do any of you recognize the music this commercial is using? It's driving me a little nuts!

Hi all :)

Really struggling to find a Christmas song which is played briefly in the 2009 Movie "Nativity!" starring Martin Freeman.

It comes in around the 9min mark as Martin walks to his house along the street.

Words I can make out are:

Can't you see it's gonna be a Merry Merry Christmas?
a Merry Merry Christmas,
for all the Girls and boys.
Can't you see the Christmas tree? It's star is shining bright

A google search yields nothing, and it doesn't seem to appear on the OST


Anyone know the song they used on this trailer? :(

Hi, just recently saw a 30 second tv spot trailer for the movie:

My Bloody Valentine 3D

which uses the song:

White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"

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