Does anyone know the song that's playing in this Wrigley's gum commercial?


Hi people,

Does anyone know the name of the artist and the name of the track in this trailer, I've been looking for it for quite some time?

It's not the music from the film, I've heard the album.

Many thanks! :)

Love the track.
Anyone know the name / publisher?

thanks ahead!

Hi all,

Could somebody identify the artist and the track title of the music that plays from 0.51 right up until the end of this trailer for me please.

I'ts been driving me mad, and I've been looking for this tune for 21 long, long years would you believe!!

In addition to this, it has also featured on adverts and documentaries in the past.

Many thanks in advance good people.

Ill Factor - Champion Sound (Isn't available)

but here it is a version of the trailer

pls pls pls can someone tell me the name of the songs being played in this trailer especially in the beginning

Hi - anyone know the song that is playing in this trailer? It's gorgeous!

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