Hi All,

Any idea what song is playing behind this commercial:

or this one

I imagine they're from the same collection.

Thanks so much!

Does anyone know the first song, the kinda sad one?

Looking for the music:


Just wanted to let you know that the soundtrack to the trailer for the new netflix series Derek is the song Safe and Sound by Waterfall's Alfred Hall

Just wanted to let you know that our artist Alfred Hall has made the song Someplace Beutiful, featured in the new beer commercial from Pacifico.

Looking for the name of the song in the Kia Forte 5 commercial released this year. Commercial has a "club" feel to it. People dancing, etc. Tried to Shazam the song but it says it's not recognized.

I did a search and only found an old one. This one appears to be new.
I just love this bopping tune. Anyone can help me find out what it might be?

EDIT: They apparently also have one for women.

Hello. I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me what the track is that starts at 56.30 in the following video. Thanks! It sounds like it could be by John Barry, but I'm unsure.

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