Sidney Crosby Zig Tech commercial the energy drink for your feet

Hello gang!

Hope all is having a great spring!
New Sidney Crosby Zig tech Reebok commercial here....and no it's not the Ocho Cinco one...this one just came out.

Sounds like Beck's E-pro but it's not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers from Seattle!

What is the song on the new Subaru commercial where the girl is growing up and the dad keeps taking things of hers out of the car?

The words are "...turn around ... there's no turning 'round" - very simple, with just a guitar

Hey Guys I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. There has been this Movie promo going on this week on FXX with Ted, 21 Jump Street, This is 40, Snow white and the huntsmen, Thor, Etc that has this dubstep song, I know the song is old and have heard it before just cant remember the artist or song. If anyone know I greatly appreciate it. Thanks

P.s. would post a link but it's not up on youtube, vimeo, etc

Been wondering for awhile now what the UK TV channel 5 USA's ad for 'Crime at 9' song is.

Thanks a million in advance!

Looking for the song used in the UK advertisement of Arm & Hammer Advanced White

Big Eyes

Trailer # 1

1.) A Few Words - Deron Johnson
2.) Silver Lining Titles - Danny Elfman (Silver Linings Playbook OST)
3.) 11, 12 & 13 - David Holmes (Ocean's Thirteen OST)
4.) Perfectly Aligned - Milo Greene

Deron Johnson (plus 18 sound design cues)

Does anyone know the trailer song at 1:44? I know the beginning one, it's just the one in the second half.

Just seen it today during the Stanley Cup finals. Sounds like an oldie.

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