anyone know the song in the new Showtime series promo (think it just came out October 2008)? Kind of sounds like a fast paced old school rock jam. Not sure I got the lyrics right but it was something like "we have no respect for authority" and another line was something like "we don't play well with others."

I used to have an mp3 of the music when Misao tries to jump the cliff at the end of episode 34 of rurouni kenshin (and fails but is saved). But that was a long time ago and I lost the mp3 and I have completely forgotten what that song is called >_< I've been looking everywhere. It has a definite piano tune and violins and such. Nice melody.

Does anyone know what song is played on the Planet Earth 30 second promo (Discovery, not BBC)? It is a short piano solo, which means it is NOT the Epic Score track. I tried contacting Discovery, but they would not return any of my emails.

There's a Chrysler Town & Country commercial.

Song has the following lyrics:

You came along all bright and new
With big ideas
That grew and grew and grew
Who knew

The song is:

"With Big Ideas" by Bill Mumy

I saw this commercial while watching Heroes online.

Is the music for it made specifically for the ad, or is it a real song? It reminds me of Enya, but I really have no idea.

the tide cold water commercial.. where all the lights turn on.. the song..? its like.. ah-ha..ah-ha.. ah-ha.. but better sounding =/ XD

Anyone know the name of that instrumental song played in the Amish barn when Tim and Kirsty are dancing? It sounds like some type of Irish folk music.

Thanks for any ideas! :D

Hi all,

Fingers crossed someone out there knows this :) On Foxtel in Australia, for their replay of the AFL Grand Final this year, they used a very epic-sounding music compilation which loosely went:


(apologies for the crappiness)

It was also used by Total Football (a football [soccer] show) in their 2006-07 season review.

If anyone can tell me the name of the music in the background, it'd be awesome :)

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