I was just watching the ole miss - lsu game on cbs and they played one of those game-highlight-set-to-music montages when they were coming back from commercial. It was kinda of a dancy, hip-hoppy song with female-sounding vocals, but i couldn't get anything except "let it ride" a whole bunch of times out of them. It's not "Let it Ride" by Sammie or Ryan Adams.

Any help is appreciated, I hope someone else heard this song lol.

Hi, can someone tell me what the name of this song is, if it is indeed a real song? TIA for any and all help!

This is a long shot, but anyone happen to know whose instrumental version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is heard in at least one of the Comedy Central commercials for Colbert's Christmas special (A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!)?

It sounds twangy, but it's not the Los Straighjackets or Ventures version as far as I can tell. Maybe a little more country than surf? I really dig it, but a standard like that covered a zillion times... instrumental no less... well if someone out there knows it, that might qualify as a Christmas miracle!

Thanks in advance!

There was this series of commercials around '92 or '93...I THINK it was for Levi's jeans but I can't find it on YouTube or anywhere so it might have been for another brand of jeans or shoes or something. Anyway the one I'm thinking of takes place in a desert where a bunch of teenagers are skateboarding and jumping in slow motion, and there's this really beautiful, mellow music with strings and piano in a kind of (i - bVII - bVI) chord progression and a male vocalist going "Yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah."

Does anyone remember anything like this? I would be incredibly grateful for any information. Thanks!

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of the song was from the recent Saul of the Mole Men ad on Adult Swim. It's pretty recognizable, and I know I've heard it many times before. It sounds like it's from a war or action movie. All orchestra. If anyone knows, that'd be great. Thanks.

i was wondering if anyone knew the song in the commercial for absolut where everyone in this city is pillow fighting

interesting commercials they have...

Does anyone know the song used in the new 2008 Scion XB commercial used here? It might be made just for the commercial based on the comments on youtube.

Hey This song sounds prety obscure, if not mixed just for the commercail.

Its sounds like stomp, or the blue man group.

(only drums and the occasional hey)

Ok I know that is absolutly no description what so ever but you can watch it and listen to it yourself.

Go to, then go to the Sopranos, then go to Video, then under promotional clips its called Sopranos TCA Trailer, its seudo long.

So yeah if anyone knows tell me



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