Hi All,
Anyone remember a Regents Bank ad from a year or so ago where a guy has a small business, he's outside the building and reaches down and picks up a photo with his building on it with an addition added. He holds it up in the direction of his building and sees what the addition would look like. It had a very nice background piece with a person whistling. Don't know the music but it was a very pleasing piece and the whistler was excellent.

Thanks in advance.

Best, Andy K.

Hi All,
Anyone know the artist with the violin in the latest Traveler's ad. It starts out with a lady afraid of shopping carts and then two guys, one afraid of trees and one afraid of dust, then the red umbrella shows up!!

Thanks in advance.

Andy K

So I know the name of the song, but I'm not having any luck finding it. So I was hoping someone could tell me the name artist.

Here's a link:

Hope this helps, and thanks in advance!!!

I just saw this incredible trailer for the winner of the Cannes film festival, Madame Sata, and i cannot wait to see the film. If there was a soundtrack i would get it, but there isnt. So does anyone know the music playing in the trailer. There are 3 main compositions, but i am mainly after the 2nd one. Heres the link to the trailer:

Need help identifying the song used in the RoC ad recently in the USA. More details as they become available, but I believe it's instrumental. Thanks as always in advance!

Does anybody know the song from the latest Debeers commercial where a guys uses yarn to send down a ring to his girlfriend asking her to marry him?

did anyone see this movie? well anyway it was pretty good.
does anyone know what the name of the song was that was playing that went like "monsier monsier monsier" or something liek that it sounded french and was Moushumi's (Goguls second girlfriend of the film the indian one) cell phone ring and also played at another part when she walked in or something. Thankss

looking for who the artist is and the title of the song in the chevy commercial (link below).


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