Anyone know what happened to them? Trying to license some cues from the "DJ Albinis" album, but I have no contact info & it looks like their site is down..

Anyone have any contact info?


Main Trailer

The main track is Shockwave sound - Call for heroes

1.) Throwdown - Ninja Tracks
2.) Back to Earth - Fall Out Boy ft. Steve Aoki

1.) DJ Blow The Speakers - The DNC
2.) Bounce - Iggy Azalea

Trailer # 1
"Cups" (When I'm Gone) - Pitch Perfect 2 Cast
"Jungle" - X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

I have seen "The Grindhouse" trailer over and over again, im really liking it, and the song that plays the hole way trough. i have desperatly been trying to find out where that song is from but no luck.
Is there somebody here who can help me...?

Any help is apprechiated..

Can anyone tell me the song that's being used in the latest Crestor commercials series? "Down with Crestor", black woman in one set and a white male in the twin series: bowling, happy, bright orange and blue clothes.

Driving me nuts. Thanks!

The name of the song in the final Mentalist episode, at the very end, at the wedding? Disco? "Party on"? I think they obscured the lyrics in the show.

Driving me nuts. Thanks!

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