There is an AFLAC commerical airing on THE CW that promotes their "Long Live Music" Experience in Partnership. It begins with the words "music gives us strength, music helps us heal, music gives us hope" on the screen. Then an upbeat dance song plays sang by a guy. The lyrics are -
"when i'm dancing i am free i am free i am free
as we rise rise and shine the life we live we see every day as a gift
open your eyes with love on your side it's a day to be alive"

I have tried to contact AFLAC but they do not respond. Does anyone know what this song is? Thanks! - Oscar

The Big Ten’s regular season has been marked by the exceptional team play of Ohio State, Michigan State and Purdue. Through the play of their elite talent, the conference’s best teams will look to secure an automatic NCAA bid by winning the tournament championship.

I head this tonight just by chance and the tune has been bugging me ever since. I know I've heard it, I just can't place it. Can anybody help me get this bee out of my head. Thanks.

Can anyone tell me the name of the classical music playing in a current Prego spaghetti sauce spot? :huh: The commercial airs in Michigan and is a string orchestral piece. We have been stumped for music for our wedding and really love this particular music, but it's completely unfamiliar to us. If you could tell me the name of the music or a way to find it, I'd really appreciate the help.

Does anyone know the song in the ad. I can't seem to find the exact promo trailer either, I only saw it on pandora.

Does anyone know the song playing here (3:50 where the song starts)

**Thanks in advance**

Does anyone on this forum know who wrote the music for Roger's Ignite tv commercial, currently playing on Canadian cable?

Hi Everyone,

Shot Caller trailer 1

the music from 1:30 to end i can't find it Can you help:)

thanks in advance

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