I Think this looks stunning! The music makes this trailer! Anyone know where its from??

Not *quite* sure there's a Live by Night thread already but I'm really curious about the music in this TV spot:

Can someone please tell me what rock song is playing in this trailer

What's the name of the music in the first teaser trailer?

Who did the Mission Impossible theme for this ?

& also who did the music in the middle ? I am asking about the drums, instrumental music

OK I really need to find the trailer music starting from 1:37 to the end.

I'm currently working on a trailer for a school project. I need some help finding background music for it. At the end of my trailer, I have clips that are .2 seconds long, and there is about 15-20 of them. I want some music that has a beat that goes for .2 seconds so that it matches the clips and looks and sounds amazing. For example, clip 1, BOOM, clip 2, BOOM, clip 3, BOOM, etc... I want the music to work perfecly with the clips. Any suggestions for songs?

Hi everyone! Does someone know the cue used hefre? pls =)

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