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    Nov 2009

    Default Re: Dodge 2010 Journey SXT

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    Here is the press release for anyone interested.


    Serpent's Ad Tune Building a Fan Base

    (New York, NY) November 30, 2009 -- Bicoastal music house Singing Serpent has struck a nerve with one of their latest musical creations for the 2010 Dodge Journey campaign. When the BBDO Detroit crafted spot "Amplified" was posted to earlier this month the plays and comments started racking up quickly. Flattered by the buzz and given the blessing by Dodge and BBDO, Brandon O'Connell (aka Brando), the Serpent staff composer who created the 30 second Mopar hit, responded with a full length version.

    In just over a week the track has received nearly 5,000 plays and 250 comments, ranging from hilarious to threatening, pleading for MP3s. Singing Serpent's channel has gained close to 100 new subscribers and the tune has soared up the ranks in it's respective Top 10 Most Favorited Videos and Top 20 Most Discussed Videos.

    "This is amazing." said Glen Galloway, Singing Serpent's CEO and all-around nice guy. "We've never in 10 years of rocking had this kind of response for a single track. Brandon has hit a nerve in the musical fiber of young people everywhere, and we will never be the same for it."

    As the recently posted video response by O'Connell states, Singing Serpent, Dodge and BBDO are feverishly working on making the track available to download. Because of the unique situation of being a song originally created for a spot, there is a bit of red tape to get through in the legal departments however, all parties are working to make the song and even a longer "club remix" available as soon as possible.

    Singing Serpent formed in San Diego, CA in 2000 expanding to New York City in 2005. With strong ties to indie heavy weights like Sufjan Stevens and Pinback the quirky company has been creating unique, tailored, custom spot music while staying relevant outside of ad world. Serpent's staff are perpetually recording, releasing records, touring and often show up in indie music outlets like Stereogum and Pitchfork. Currently, the New York side of the company is said to be leaving their Midtown space and embarking on a large studio build in the Lower East Side.

    2010 Dodge Journey spot "Amplified":

    O'Connell's extended version:


    O'Connell's video response:

    Singing Serpent's latest reel:


    A few highlight comments:

    • "the song alone would make me consider buying the vehicle." - rmattcotton
    • "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. I need this track in my life... This is re-damn-diculous!!" - lzyblu
    • "I'm playing this in my Stang with the convertible top down" - Ellyoop
    • "sick song. i heard it on the commercial and i've been going crazy trying to get it somewhere.
    • it's infectious. i want the download." - melodiesinigo
    • "omg, this is amazing!!! u guys rock!! big fan now :D plz give us the mp3!!!" - decemberpink
    • "This commercial's been taunting me. I need the song." - Hyperliner
    • "been looking everywhere for this song...thought i was crazy it was so hard to finally find...i DEFINITELY want the mp3 download...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!=o)" - fraserbiz
    • "Ah Man this song is so sick! Everythime the 2010 Journey comercial comes on I stop and what i'm doing to listen to it haha An mp3 for this song would be hella tight!! :o)" - kstock26

    For more information about Singing Serpent go to

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    Jan 2009
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    Info Re: Dodge 2010 Journey SXT

    I've been searching for this too and the song is available for FREE download NOW (something about this weekend only) via this link...

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    Dec 2002

    Default Re: Dodge 2010 Journey SXT

    Bring It On
    by Brandon O'Connell

    Download from Singing Serpant
    jca ·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> adtunes

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