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    Sep 2006

    Default Custody Lifetime Movie

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    Hey everyone!!

    I am looking for a song.......It was on the Lifetime movie called "Custody" and it was during a montage of John and Amanda hanging out together, but all I got was "I am going to find the simple pleasure in life"
    and I think it was a women singing...she held out the "find" part
    thanks in advance!

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    Sep 2018

    Default Re: Custody Lifetime Movie

    Hey! Even I liked that song a lot but like you weren’t able to track it down. There are so many songs that hear in movies and series. Luckily, I was able to track down ‘love me again’ that I heard it in one of the episodes of “suits”. Anyways, can you tell me where to find shows by Andy Yeatman online? It’s for my kids.

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