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    Aug 2008

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    Hi.sorry i need to know another the name of the another track in the movie....

    the song is the music played when Vinnie Jones(danny) takes the free kick twice...banging into the wardens balls twice purposely..during the final game in the movie...after being fouled by the head warden..

    i have bought the soundtrack CD but it is not in the CD...looked all over the interest but couldnt find the song

    could someone please help me..

    thank you lots


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    Aug 2008


    It's Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag.

    Here's a sample of the lyrics to that tune

    "Your construction
    Smells of corruption
    I manipulate, to recreate
    This air, to ground saga
    Gotta launder, my karma
    I said hallelujah, to the sixteen loyal fans
    You're gettin' down on your muthaf*ckin' knees
    And it's time for your sickness again
    Come on and tell me what you need now
    Tell me what is making you bleed
    We got two more minutes and
    We gonna cut to what you need
    So one of six so tell me"

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