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Thread: Lie with Me

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    There is a great song on the film "Lie With Me". It's a girl singing "you can save me if you wanted too...." Kinda slow and chill. Anyone know who sings it?

    It's at the beginning of the dvd menu and I am not sure what part of the film it's in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooeyj View Post
    I was just wondering if anybody knew who sang the song when the two main characters Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) and David (Eric Balfour) are dancing at the wedding reception. It's a guy. i've been trying to find it.. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

    It has an old school kind of love song-vibe to it...

    here are the lyrics:

    you touched my foolish heart with your angel eyes
    oh my little one
    and i've never known love that could break me down inside
    now you're gonna walk away just when i thought we would be
    falling in love

    (girls in the background)
    should be falling
    should be falling

    thought we would be falling in love
    now it just breaks my heart seeing you in the arms of another man
    you see me all alone and wonder why all i do is cry
    i haven't had a dream since i thought that we would be falling lin love

    (girls in background)
    should be falling
    should be falling

    i thought that we would be falling in love
    won't you let me hold you once again
    my love
    my love
    just to hold you
    I want you to love me(But you just let me go) by Jonny Gee Rogers

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