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    Default Norwest Banks dancing snowman

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    Does anyone remember this commercial in the mid-late 80's:
    It began with two little kids waking up on a winter morning and looking out their window and seeing the snowman in the front yard dancing. They got dressed as quick as possible and ran outside, and the snowman had stopped dancing, but his smile was crooked... one turned to the other and said, "We did see 'em," to which the other replied, "Uh-huh".

    It was a bank commercial and it had a very catchy classical type song playing... I've been searching for years for the music from this commercial. Does anyone have any idea what song this is, and where to find it?

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    Norwest Banks
    This commercial aired around Christmas time during the 80's. It started out with two kids inside watching a snowman dance. They then get bundled up and go outside to see the snowman, only to see it was just a regular snowman. The boy then turns to the little girl and says,"You did see it?" She responds by sayiing,"Uh-huh." The kids then go inside and the snowman turns to the camera and smiles. I believe it was for Norwest Banks, but I could be wrong.

    Might help jog someones memory.
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