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Thread: Dish Dogs

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    May 2004


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    Anyone know the song in "Dish Dogs" that plays when Shannon Elizabeth's character is dancing on stage?

    the lyrics go like:

    "Falling leaves................ ever changing....... finally we're together, it will never cease... the taste of you........."

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    Oct 2012

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    Hello Stewyz, that's a great song you're referring to

    The song is titled "Stay" and is performed by Lindsay Tomasic.

    Althought the song doesn't appear to have a proper release, you can listen to the tune if you register at Heavy Hitters music, a site that seems to be dedicated to original music for commercial use.

    Or perhaps you may want to contact the artist directly, who does have a face book page:

    Good Luck.

    The Lyrics of the song are as follows.

    falling leaves
    skies are in the colors
    of a love release
    ever changing patterns
    in this lasting peace
    found when we're together
    it will never cease

    the taste of you
    penetrating all my senses
    I'm with you
    in present, past, and future tenses

    stay into the day
    I'll never move away

    ecstasy knowing that you're with me
    and will always be
    ever growing closer
    in the dream we weap
    moving in the solace of the

    the taste of sweet
    of ? pleasure
    our eyes meet
    we know we're meant to be together

    stay into the day
    I'll never move away

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    Oct 2012

    Default Re: Dish Dogs

    Another song they may be of interest to you, that sounds very similiar to "Stay" is "Sour Times" by Portishead.

    I say the songs are similiar in the aspect that the female vocalist sound very similiar, both songs have that "James Bond" like guitar line, and they both seem to use or sample the cimbalom, a somewhat unusaul middle-eastern instrument

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