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    Hey all.
    I need help, I saw a honda commercial and it was all animated I think. It was quite short where the honda was in front of a yellow background. Reminded me of curious george.

    Anyways, it was a whole bunch of kids singing what sounded like:

    "Get UP, get UP, PRAY nana, PRAY nana, Pray NAN-a..."
    and it went on for a bit.
    Thanks for any help

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    May 2008


    I've been looking for this song for a while now. It features the car (possibly Honda Fit?) in front of a yellowish-green background with cartoonish animations of a kite and various items flying around and tunneling into the back of the car. Also it displays how the seats can be conformed and shifted to accommodate all the various animated items. It has a chorus of children singing the lyrics and it sounds extremely similar to the kind of music "The Go! Team" plays. It's like an electronically mixed pasting of low-fi percussion and guitars with the kids singing and perhaps (actually) bells and whistles. It's very organic and modestly charming, but upbeat enough to get you excited. Any takers?

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