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There was a truck commercial that ran on TV for a while back. I think it was from Dodge, but I'm not certain. It showed the truck handling some rough terrain while the announcer called it "The Greatest Truck In The Universe" - but then some aliens are shown getting quite offended by this, and they start shooting some sort of weapon at earth, which the truck avoids. Then the screen flashes "Correction," and the announcer says it's the "Greatest Truck On Earth."

I'm tired of all those "greatest in the universe" claims - I mean, how does anyone really know that? That's why I like this commercial so much. I'm having trouble finding any info about it though. I don't know if it's allowed to post a link to it on YouTube, etc., if there is any (I've searched unsuccessfully), but I would appreciate any help locating at least the brand, product name, and/or title of the commercial.