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    Aug 2005

    Default Jack Links Jerky

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    Looking for the song from the Jack Links commercial. The commercial has a man being released to the wild with a tag on his ear. He then gets noticed by some more people in the wild. There all holding the jerky and then it breaks to the song. Hit me up with anything.

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    Feb 2007

    Default Re: Jack Links Jerky Song

    I don't know (or remember this spot) but the current mid-2012 one sounds like they ripped off "Blue Monday" by New Order big time and just mixed it all "wacky-like". IF THIS IS THE CASE, agency, engineer, and client all effing suck. If they just did a "sound alike", they still suck. It's close enough to a sound-alike that I, as a producer on a lot of brands that dominate your life, would be embarrassed by and wouldn't let slide.

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