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As some of you have already noticed, we have made some changes to the Adtunes.com Forums.

Our General Discussion area is now only visible and accessible to active members who have made regular postings to our site. As explained in our new FAQ:

As a regular contributor to Adtunes.com you will earn access to certain areas of our Forum that were previously unavailable to you. This is a member “privilege” and is in place to entice more postings from newcomers in relation to the focus of our site.
We have added a new "Other Music" category for those of you who have a music question that doesn't fit into existing areas of our Forums.

We have added permanent links on the front page of the Forums to our Forum Rules and FAQ Hopefully this will make it more accessible and easier for newer members to find.

We appreciate your patience while we do this. We hope these changes will make the Adtunes.com Forum an even more successful place!

If you have any questions, please contact a Site Admin.