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    After the semi finals of the French Open, there was a short movie shown. The movie was an overview of the French Open this year and the past years. The commercial/movie showed a variety of incredible points, trick shots, and other impressive things that have been done in the tournament.

    During the commercial/movie, a sweet song was played. The song was very punk/pop. The style was similar to Blink 182, The Ataris, Allister, etc; although I am confident that none of these bands were the people singing. From what I could tell the chorus was something to the effect of "What about the promises we make?"

    I have tried to find the song through lyrics search engines, with no luck. Does any one have any idea what the song is?

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    Wow .I've been trying to find an answer for 13 years now. I recorded that montage on dvd , gave it to a friend to make copies and he lost it! Such a great video I'd love to get a copy.

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