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Thread: Pimp My Ride

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    Junior Member cavegol9's Avatar
    Sep 2010

    Default track search

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    hey guys i am looking for a track that was on pimp my ride season 6 episode 18.

    its with Andrew and his 1970 Cadillac hearse. someone says"next we will use heavy duty ball bearing sliders to support the frame that will carry the coffin" then the track starts and plays for about 18 seconds there are no lyrics though. then Mad Mike says"hey did he just call us dead weight?"

    i am sure someone knows the name of that track. Please reply promptly

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    Junior Member Devinray18's Avatar
    Jun 2011

    Default Re: Pimp My Ride

    I Wanted to know the song that plays on the episode with the pink and purple minivan as luis is painting the minivan pink I've been looking 4 this beat 4 2 yrs Thank You, Devin

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    Junior Member EternallyThuggin's Avatar
    Sep 2011

    Default Pimp My Ride song?

    Hi guys, new to the forum.

    This song has been bugging me and its an instrumental from Season 2 of episode 9. Its the episode about the Ford Econline. The song starts at the beginning 2:25 mins in where Xzibit is on the street with a "double" of him digitally done and he begins to introduce the episode.

    It sounds like some oldschool hiphop beat possibly from an Xzibit song. If someone can find this it will be MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks guys.

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