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    Aug 2010

    Default what was last movie that you saw, that surprise you ?

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    last summer, i got a chance to watched " twilight " on my computer. i tell myself i going to watch this movie eventually, " twilight 2 " was out . so , i sat down and watched " twilight " really enjoyed it. i was surprised, because of well written it was.
    i was expecting this movie going one of these " friday 13th slashing," what do you last summer's movies, or bad acting , bad writing, just crap horror movie !" twilight ", i highly recommend it, and eventually i watch " twilight 2 ". so what last movie you saw that literally blow away from how good it was, but you thought movie really going sucks, but when you saw it ?

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    Jul 2012

    Default Re: what was last movie that you saw, that surprise you ?

    For me it was just a few days ago actually, when I saw Space Battleship Yamato on cable. I knew about it before when it was in the cinema, but I didn't bother to go to see it because I thought "another low budget movie (by Hollywood standard) attempting to do CGI and special effects". I thought it was going to turn out like one of those made for cable movies with really bad CGI that made you wrong I was.

    It even had a song by Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) in the end credits, I couldn't believe it, it reminded me of the great song in Armageddon.

    Anyways there were many reasons why I really liked the movie despite all logical reasons not to, which is probably too long to ramble on about here, so if you are interested you can read the long version of why I liked the movie in my blog.

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