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    Default Re: JCPenney in-store

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    Quote Originally Posted by missepicfail View Post
    It's not that song. I googled it as well and YouTubed the R Kelly song. Completely different.

    I have managed to get some more lyrics and the full chorus (googled to no avail tho)
    Here's what I can contribute to the search tho: (it's the chorus)

    "Shine your light on me (techno-y girl voice)
    On me, shine your light on me, on me, shine your light on me (male rapper voice)
    Shine your light on me (girl)
    If you got that light, let it shine real bright, let it shine real bright (guy)"

    I also managed to catch a few lines of the song: (not in any order)
    "Even in the dark, what I need..."
    "Shining brighter than a thousand bulbs..."
    "It's all right, it's the light..."
    "I let these lights inspire me..."

    It's kinda got a 90s vibe to it with the rapping being more flowy with soft back beats instead of hard hip hop.

    And that's all I got.
    I was going through results with google and I guess someone found the song.
    Shine Your Light on Me (feat. Astoria Kings) – Yoni
    credit should go here

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    May 2006

    Default Re: JCPenney in-store

    I'm sorry that wasn't it, but if you already ruled that song out, it would've been helpful if you had mentioned that in your post.

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    Default looking for song

    I am looking for a song that played in JC Penney.

    The chorus is "can't deny what I feel inside, can't deny it".


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    Default Re: looking for song

    I'm trying to look for a song I heard today in JCPenney. It was a version of Christmastime is Here. It was a male singer, and had a guitar that was basically just plucking strings, I think. It wasn't guitar chords or anything like that. Please help, it was a very nice tune.

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    Default Re: looking for song

    I heard a song at JCenney with a male vocalist, a bit of a gravely voice, sounds a bit like folk music or adult contemporary, with the chorus going like Free-ee-ee-ee-ee, and tat's the only word I was able to pick out from the ambient noise. Anyone know what it might be? I heard it the last TWO times I was there but it's hard to google search on just one word.

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