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  1. Re: TV Shows you think should not have ended/canceled
    love the car!
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    Re: Inglorius Basterds

    looks like a good movie
  3. Poll: Re: What is your general view behind pot?

    anything you smoke cant be good for you. i did a couple times before i had kids but i wont touch the stuff now. i have some friends that did that when i was in school and they don't know their own...
  4. Re: Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

    i thought i heard it before too.

    i tried using the iphone and it said unable to tag music. im thinking its one of those songs made for the commercial deals. :unsure:
  5. Re: What are your favorite Video Game Soundtracks?

    nhl 2009 i guess. im always playing that.
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    Re: GM General Motors Responsibility

    GM = government motors :P
  7. Re: Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

    im glad im not the only one. i thought i was goin crazy! i happened to catch it on my iphone tonight. here is the commercial...
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    Re: Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

    i searched the adult swim site and came up empty handed. so then i actually asked if anyone knew what it was. also free bump!
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    Re: HGTV "The Stagers" Reveal Song...

    i came up with
    cantata no.147 (herz and mund
    virgil fox

    and im not sure about that. maybe i should keep trying...
  10. Re: Lincoln MKZ "Luxury at Lightspeed" Major Tom

    its a good tune and i like the car!
  11. Re: Nivea

    its not even that song. its a whole different song. im a little shocked nobody else was looking for it. i looked high and low and only found the one we found. i knew last night i should have...
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    Re: hey from PA!

    thank you! i was looking through old threads and found some good songs i was looking for and gave up. pretty awesome stuff goin on here!
  13. Re: Nivea

    yep. its that commercial but the song is way different. ill have to watch for it tonight and get it on here.
  14. Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

    i see this one when i am watching adult swim. its one of their aftershave commercials where the guy had his face in a bowl of cereal. i got to the website and find it but its different music. i...
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    hey from PA!

    im always looking for music i hear on tv and i found the answer here a lot. i figured i would finally join after i found another one today. as for me im from milton PA and im a laid off steel...
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